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Equestria Daily MLP Stuff! Gabby Is THE BEST And Here Is Why

"Dragon Dropped" >>; but as-is, Spike & Gabby's dynamic seem naturally balanced with Gabby's giddy enthusiasm and Spike's laidback attitude . Bonding over their message-sending duties, relating in coming from two species that aren't "naturally" friendly (esp towards ponies), and just all-in-all having fun flying around & goofing off when they.

Is Gabby to be Spike's Future? Is Sparity No More? YouTube

Anthropomorphic Ponies (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) "In the magical land of Equestria, love united Rarity and Spike, but darkness lurked in the shadows. An unforgivable attack shattered their happiness, and precious life was lost. Spike sought vengeance, facing off against an unknown foe.

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Does it treat Spike and Gabby as having been pre-established as friends when he episode starts or do they meet and have some quality bonding to establish a friendship? Posted 4 years ago Report . Link Quote Reply . Background Pony #23B9. Rest in peace Sparity. Posted 4 years ago Report .

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After Spike goes on his adventure to find new gems, learn more about himself as a dragon, and make new friends, he asked Gabby to go along. After a few months together there friendship blossomed to something more. 2: While gone they wanted to get married but Spike didn't want his friends to miss it. So they traveled the 1 month distance to.

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MLP: Friendship Is Magic Season 9 Episode: Dragon DroppedWatch in 1080p!---Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Letupita725HDTwitter: https://twitter.com/Letup.

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Twilight Velvet. Night Light. Gabby. Coverart by Vavacung. A collection of stories featuring Spike falling in love with mares and other creature that are not Rarity. Love 1. Un-EGG-Spected Surprise = Gabby have a surprise for Spike, Twilight, and their family. Love 2. A Smoldering Hearthwarming = Spike invite Smolder to celebrate Hearthwarming.

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Pebble spent a lot of her childhood travelling in Canterlot, due to Spike working on Twilight's side. Considering Canterlot culture being too judgemental for anyone's good, Pebble faced weird looks and snide remarks in spades, the only thing stopping her from being targeted in discrimination being that she's Twilight's surrogate niece.

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thanks for 900 subscribers :)as a special, i did a throwback to some of my oldest content! enjoy!

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Years of Spike's faithful service have not gone unnoticed. The six beautiful mares he'd grown so fond of have prepared a special celebration just for him, ready to take their relationship to a new level. Together, the girls will demonstrate their love for the cute young drake, one load down his tight throat at a time.

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A short fanfiction MLP FiM film about Spike and Gabby.

MLPF Spike & Gabby Next gen Shipping Time! (Season 9 Ep 19)(not

A former lunatic 57 weeks ago. Since the Season 9 episode Dragon Dropped, the chemistry of Spike and Gabby's friendship (or romance, however you want to look at it) has been a subject that remains open for debate, following the show's grand finale. This group is dedicated for a deeper development in their relationship. Viewing 1 - 12 of 12.

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Spike x Rarity is creepy if he's ten and she's twenty-something, but they're a dragon and a unicorn who might be 110 and 120. Considering that Rarity's target audience may view boys their own age as "immature," and the Rainbow Dashes, Applejacks, and Pinkie Pies as "unsophisticated," allowing the relationship to continue allowed.

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To Silver Shoals — Are you okay with Spike x Gabby? I really

A young dragon, waved goodbye to his friend, he happily walking before a charging griffin ran into him. The two rolled over the rocky ground, Gabby quickly stood up holding out her claw. Spike shook his head, looking at the beautiful griffin standing on his right. The orange light from the sun behind her, glowing bright.

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