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musophobia: fear of mice. ophidiophobia: fear of snakes. ornithophobia: fear of birds. spheksophobia: fear of wasps. ichthyophobia: fear of fish. There's not an exact number of known phobias.

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You can help the Phobiapedia community by expanding it. Cucurbitophobia is the fear of Pumpkins As they can be made as jack o lanterns and people would fear that they would come to life even though that's fantasy. Categories. : Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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Most phobias, including the fear of pumpkins, start in childhood. Sometimes, they can come on for no apparent reason. However, in case of Cucurbitophobia, the frightening significance of pumpkins during Halloween is the most common trigger. Pumpkins are more than tasty, nutritious fruits; they are the stuff of legends.

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Treatment for fear of pumpkins phobia. Treatment for Cucurbitophobia can be divided into 2 parts: confronting the object of fear, in this case the pumpkin, and dealing with frightening thoughts associated with the anxiety. It is especially important to stop avoiding Jack-O-lanterns or pumpkins. You can start by reading more about pumpkins, or.

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However, if we've missed one, please let us know. .Ps As a website about pumpkins, we sure hope you don't have Cucurbitophobia !! When it comes to phobia Halloween, there's plenty to be afraid of. Here are some of the fears: Name: Fear of: Achluophobia. Darkness.


Everybody has no less than one phobia, and maybe quite a few extra. The phobic's mind tries to make sense of the unexpected feeling of intenseanxietyor panic which, in turn, provides to the phobia. They are central to Halloween celebrations and are normally surplus. Jack-o-lantern is the real name for the carved pumpkin.

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A phobia is when something causes you to feel fear or anxiety that's so severe it consistently and overwhelmingly disrupts your life. Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder, and there's one diagnosis for almost all of them: specific phobia. Only one phobia, agoraphobia, is a specific diagnosis. When you aren't in a situation that directly.

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Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are both rich in fiber and fiber actually promotes good brain health via the gut-brain axis. Science Direct performed a study about the metabolism of a high fiber diet in the gut and how it can alter gene expression in the brain to prevent neurodegeneration and promote regeneration. In Layman's terms, this means.

Pumpkins In The Grass Free Stock Photo Public Domain Pictures

Cucurbitophobia โ€” Fear of Pumpkins Phobia. Cucurbitophobia is a rare type of phobia and it is due to excessive and abnormal fear of gourd-like plants, especially pumpkins. The name.

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Incidentally, the fear of turning into a pumpkin is called apocolocynposis. What does Megalophobia mean? People with megalophobia have an intense fear of large objects such as skyscrapers, airplanes and big statues. Like other specific phobias, megalophobia is highly treatable with a psychological therapy called exposure therapy. Appointments 866.588.2264. Why are people scared of pumpkins.

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Cucurbitophobia is more frequently found in children and can be outgrown like quite a few other phobias. A fear of pumpkins can look similar to a fear of Halloween to an outsider because the person will become anxious as Halloween decorations begin filling front yards. Both of these can appear as strange phobias to family and friends, but they.

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Carved pumpkins lit with candles. Children dressed up in costumes for Halloween. Halloween items in stores. Halloween-related movies or TV shows. Homes decorated for Halloween.. Phobias such as samhainophobia can impact your quality of life, especially around Halloween. You may miss out on social events, spend less time with friends and.

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Social phobias: Now known as social anxiety disorder, this phobia is marked by a fear of social situations in which a person might be judged or embarrassed.; Agoraphobia: This phobia involves an irrational and extreme fear of being in places where escape is difficult.It may involve a fear of crowded places or even of leaving one's home. Specific phobias: When people talk about having a phobia.

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Cucurbitophobia is also known as the fear of pumpkins or disgust/fear of pumpkin guts. It is derived from the Greek word cucurbita meaning pumpkin family, and phobos meaning fear. Cucurbitophobia is a specific phobia, meaning it's a fear directed at a certain object or situation. This fear may limit a person's daily life and may affect.

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But generally speaking, food and drink phobias phobias and fears such as Cucurbitophobia fall under the category of anxiety disorders. Meaning that a person can experience any if not all of the below mentioned physical and/or psychological symptoms. Physical Symptoms. pumpkins (branch of cibophobia) sufferers, often experience panic attacks.

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A person with phobophobia may be scared of the physical sensations that come with fear, such as shortness of breath, sweaty palms or heart palpitations. They might feel that these symptoms threaten their life or have the potential to cause permanent damage. Or they may have a fear of developing a specific phobia, such as claustrophobia (fear of.

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