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The Best Cuts of Meat Every Home Cook Should Know

4. Round. The beef round is a group of muscles from the hindquarters of the cow. It consists of five cuts: the top round, the bottom round, the eye of round, the heel of round, and the knuckle. These are some of the toughest cuts you'll find on a cow since they come from an area with lots of movement.

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Different beef cuts come from different parts of the cow. It is commonly agreed upon that the cow's body is divided into eight main "regions," each one of which carries a different name, varies in flavor, as well as tenderness. These eight parts of the animal are known as "primal cuts," and they include the following: Brisket, Chuck,

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Filet Mignon, Tenderloin. The tenderloin is a narrow strip of tender meat that spans the loin and sirloin beneath the ribs next to the backbone. When cut into individual portions, it's sold as Filet Mignon. One of the most tender cuts on the beast, it makes up half of a porterhouse or T-Bone steak.

How To Pick The Perfect Cut Of Beef Business Insider

There are eight basic, or primal, cuts of beef. They are: chuck, brisket, rib, plate or short plate, loin, flank, round, and shank. These primary cuts are further broken down into subprimal cuts, and finally, retail cuts - which are the steaks and roasts you buy at the grocery store.

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The same is true for most of the other cuts of beef, from primal cuts all the way down to steak cuts. You just choose whether you want Choice or Prime grades and the portion size, for example, 1 case of Choice 8 oz CC 1190A steaks. Take a look through the steak cuts below for more details about specific cuts of beef. Meat Buyers Guide PDF.

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How does a cow's carcass turn into plastic-wrapped supermarket steaks? The way we break down beef comes down to cultural preferences. On top of that, meat-cutting can vary further from butcher to butcher and day to day, since most cow parts can be fabricated (that means broken down, in butcher-speak) into several different cuts, with some cuts having multiple different names.

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Sub-Primal Cuts: Short Rib, Prime Rib, Rib Steak, Ribeye Steak & Back Ribs. Location: Top part of the center rib section, between the 6th & 12th rib. Overall Texture: Very flavorful and full of marbling fat. Best Cooking Method: High Temp for a Short Period of Time. Direct Heat Grilling, Indirect Heat Smoking.

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8. Hindquarter Cuts: Beef Flank. Flank; London Broil; The flank cut is a lean and popular cut of beef. The flank cut includes flank steak and London broil. The flank is a moderately tough cut of beef. When cooking flank steak, it is important to use a tenderizing method, such as marinating, to help make it more palatable.

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Chuck rib roasts, chuck steaks, short ribs, and flanken ribs are best browned and braised in flavorful liquid over low heat in a Dutch oven or slow cooker, or pressure cooked until well done and tender (a fork will twist easily when inserted into the meat.) Slice braised cut cuts across the grain to cut down on stringiness when serving.

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It highlights 60 different beef cuts, what part of the animal they come from and the best methods for cooking - including grilling, broiling, roasting and slow cooking. There are pictures of every cut, making the chart easy to navigate. Hey, it may even inspire you to try a new cut of meat. This is your basic beginner breakdown of beef cuts.

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Note: All beef cuts images provided courtesy of Contents (Jump to Topic) 1 Beef Cuts Chart; 2 Cuts of Beef Diagram and Infographic; 3 The Meat of the Article โ€” All the Different Beef Cuts; 4 Chuck. 4.1 Blade Chuck Roast; 4.2 Blade Chuck Steak; 4.3 7-Bone Chuck Roast; 4.4 Chuck Center Roast;

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The beef short loin is only about 16 to 18 inches long. It will yield anywhere from 11 to 14 steaks, depending on thickness. The steaks from the short loin are cut starting at the rib end and working toward the rear. The first-cut steaks are club steaks or bone-in strip steaks.

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Our instructional cutting videos feature visual step by step instructions on making different cuts from the primals and subprimals. Videos include the Ranch Steak, Flat Iron Steak and Country-Style Ribs. Beef cut posters are the most effective tools to learning more about beef cuts and the recommended cooking methods. Check out our cut charts.

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