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Those who prefer savory flavors to sweet will also love Aldi's strudel selection. There are a spinach and ricotta strudel as well as artichoke and cheese strudel. Both sound delicious and cost just $3.99 per 10.6-ounce box (via Aldi). They are hot, flaky, and almost too delicious it seems if you ask The Aldi Nerd. Definitely plan to pick up at.

Ricotta strudel Buona Pappa

Sprinkle breadcrumbs over pastry. Leaving a 6cm border, spoon spinach mixture along one long edge. Fold in short ends, roll up to enclose filling and form a log. Place on prepared tray. Spray with oil; sprinkle with cumin seeds. Bake for 30 minutes or until pastry is golden brown. Stand 10 minutes. Cut into slices and serve with salad.

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Hello, fellow shoppers and Aldi enthusiasts!. Spinach and Ricotta Strudel - $1.59. A pre-wrapped strudel with spinach and ricotta, inspired by German cuisine. 9) Raspberry Cheesecake - $1.99. A small, jar-contained raspberry cheesecake, frozen but recommended to be refrigerated before consumption.

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Deutsche Küche Spinach & Ricotta or Artichoke & Cheese Strudel, $3.99 for 10.6 oz. Sold frozen. Read our review of the spinach and ricotta strudel here. Our review of the artichoke and cheese strudel is here. Deutsche Küche Spritz Cookies in Assorted Varieties, $2.99 for 10.6 oz. Choose Almond, Coconut, or Vanilla. Read our review here.

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There are directions for baking in a conventional oven. Preheat the oven to 395 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the frozen strudel on a baking sheet on the center of the baking tray. Bake for 18-22 minutes or until the surface is golden brown and an internal temperature of 170 degrees is reached. After baking, ready to eat.

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Looking at the Aldi Springfest items, the must have item is definitely the savory strudels. While many people might think of a strudel as an apple filled dessert, it doesn't have to be the only filling. These savory strudels, Deutsche Küche Spinach & Ricotta or Artichoke & Cheese. Savory Strudels, would be perfect for dinner.

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Preheat oven to 375 degrees F; then line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a medium bowl, add the spinach, onion, garlic, Feta, eggs, parsley, dill, salt and pepper. Mix well until the mixture is well blended. In a small bowl, whisk one of the eggs and set aside. Dust some flour on a clean surface; then roll out the refrigerated pie crust.

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The Deutsche Küche Spinach & Ricotta Strudel is priced at $4.49 and is the second variant of the savory flavored option. This strudel is well, and the box represents it as a "delicate puff pastry filled with the perfect blend of spinach and ricotta cheese." Although I have yet to try this particular strudel, it does look delicious with all.

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The dessert strudel comes in three flavors: Apple, Fruits of the Forest, and Caramel Apple. The Apple version comes with raisins, which I don't care much for, so I opted to purchase the Fruits of the Forest and Caramel Apple varieties. Deutsche Küche Strudel cost $2.99 for a 19.2-ounce package at the time of publication.

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Get ALDI Spinach And Ricotta Strudel products you love delivered to you in as fast as 1 hour with Instacart same-day delivery or curbside pickup. Start shopping online now with Instacart to get your favorite ALDI products on-demand.

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Lightly spray the top with olive oil and cut four 1½-inch vents diagonally across the top of the strudel. Bake the strudel in the preheated oven until golden, approximately 20 minutes. Rotate the baking sheet halfway through the baking process for even cooking. Once baked, let the strudel cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes.

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Instructions. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). Thaw spinach in microwave according to the directions on the package. Stir and set aside to cool. While spinach is being defrosted and cooling, finely chop onion and garlic. Heat one tablespoon olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat.

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Spinach and Ricotta Strudel! YUM! We liked this better than the artichoke and cheese variety, although both were good. (My friend's oven baked unevenly, so that is why it is darker on one side.).

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Heat the butter in a small nonstick pan over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic cloves and sweat for 3-4 minutes until the onion turns translucent. Add the onion and garlic to the spinach along with the feta cheese and yogurt. Add the sugar, nutmeg, black pepper, and spicy paprika powder.

How to Make Sweet Cheese Filling for Strudels Recipe Filling

In the meantime, cook and squeeze the spinach. Chop finely (We prefer to saute them in a pan with oil and garlic to dry the spinach well and give it more flavor), add ricotta, salt, nutmeg, Parmesan and egg. Mix well all the ingredients. Divide the dough in half and roll it out very thinly. Arrange the pastry on a clean kitchen cloth, spread.

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To use fresh, finely slice about 600g / 1.2lb of fresh spinach. Blanch for 45 seconds, then drain in a colander. Cool then squeeze out excess liquid. Measure out 250g of spinach then use per recipe. 2. Some ricotta purchased from really good Italian delis are really soft and spreadable, like soft butter.

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